09/2019 Vcbm 2019, Brno, Czech Republic

07/2019 GRC Archaea, Switzerland

06/2019 Aptamer conference, Bordeaux, France

06/2019 FEMS meeting, session chair, Glasgow, UK

05/2019 Nantech 2019, Helsinki, Finland

04/2019 Aptamers 2019, Oxford, United Kingdom

04/2019 Prokaryotic cell biology, Banz, Germany

03/2019 Meeting of the Dutch society for Microbiology, Netherlands

09/2018 International Conference on Extremophiles, Ibiza, Italy

09/2018 Molecular Biology of Archaea, Vienna, Austria

08/2018 Meeting of the Swiss Microbiology Association, Lausanne, Switzerland

06/2018 3rd Functional DNA nanotechnology workshop, Rom, Italy

01/2018 GRC STIM conference, Ventura, USA 07/2017 Archaea Gordon Conference, Boston, USA

06/2017 ASM Microbes, New Orleans, USA

03/2017 EMBO conference, Protein secretion and cellular homeostasis, Dubrovnik, Croatia

03/2017 Type III secretion meeting, OIST, Okinawa, Japan

01/2017 BLAST meeting, New Orleans, USA

11/2016 Zing meeting on Bacterial secretion systems, Florida, USA

10/2016 University of Düsseldorf, Germany 10/2016 University of Frankfurt, Germany

09/2016 International meeting on Extremophiles, Kyoto, Japan

08/2016 Molecular Biology of Archaea, London, UK

07/2016 GRC Bacterial Cell Surface, Mount Snow, USA

01/2016 Nijmegen University, Nijmegen, Netherlands